For a while I’ve had an itch to scratch with the original idea I had for linksync. The premise is a standard format for opening tabs for a project, in either chrome or firefox, and launch your IDE and basically set up your workspace for each software project you’re working on. Enter lakespace - (github) which I plan to integrate into linksync.

I also moved linksync into Lakesite.Net and subsequently drafted out an entire idea that combines and with services like so I can easily create window groups and user profiles around groups of links, that are also archived and available for search. The specific idea was for numerous projects, I like to keep specific tabs open for them. I dislike having to re-open windows and use Tab Session Manager for Firefox and Chrome, along with Multi-Account containers. So having a simple command I can type to automatically launch a new browser window (or windows) with the tabs open to the URLs I’d be working with and my editor of choice open and pointing to the project directory.


Lakespace is available on npm as a package. Installation and use is pretty straight forward;

# npm install -g lakespace

Lakespace uses toml - Tom’s obvious markup language, for configuration. Once you have lakespace installed, create a folder and create a lakespace.toml file:

$ cd /path/to/project
$ cat <<EOF >>lakespace.toml
browser = "firefox"
tabs = [


editor = "atom"
project_directory = "."

Then you can type:

$ lakespace

Which will open a new firefox browser window with three tabs, and open the atom editor for the current directory.