May 29, 2011

GPP web interface

I spent a little time this morning working on GPP. Like always, the UI needs more work. So does the code, but this is my first time using WSGI. For this type of application, it doesn’t need any elaborate framework. Anyway, this little application has been fun and hopefully useful for the work we do at DI. The jquery timers library doesn’t quite work like it should and it wasn’t immediate obvious what I was breaking with the javascript timer. ... Read more

May 28, 2011

A few random pictures.

Our cat, Chibi, is helping me program this evening. He’s doing his part to get even more cats on the Internet. Where's the mouse? There's the mouse. Office pictures (a bit old) reflecting how much work/chaos I (don’t) deal with. Desk, where code is done. Pile of papers. Also the focus of my HVAC needs this summer, where all our backups eventually go, and where I experiment with ESX, FreeNAS, OpenFiler and others: ... Read more

May 28, 2011

A network zero knowledge proof implementation.

Tonight I’m attempting to clean up some C programming I did using Daniele Raffo’s Feige-Fiat-Shamir zero knowledge proof implementation found herewhich I’ve created a derivative work and posted here. I contacted Daniele to ask what license he had used on his implementation and heard back from him today that it was GPL’d. So there’s no problem working on that code now. A zero knowledge proof is one where one party proves to another that they have knowledge or information without disclosing any of that information. ... Read more

May 26, 2011


I’ve all but finished my masters in computer science at UTC, however there’s the small issue of finishing my thesis work. This has been quite a challenge considering the priorities I have (wife, work to pay insurance/bills, business, then school.) So I’m forcing myself to spend time today on at least moving it forward a little bit more, so that when I meet with my advisor she isn’t pulling her hair out at me. ... Read more

May 26, 2011

Get/Post Push

This evening I finished up a simple tool I wrote in Python to help with some of the more annoying, repetitive testing I have to do on some web applications. Sometimes when I’ve bound a click with callback to a button, to submit form data, the response comes back mangled and not in proper JSON format. This is fine, because I can read the response using Firebug or Chromium’s inspector. Both will show me all the information I need. ... Read more

May 26, 2011


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May 25, 2011

Should we have a garden this year?

It’s almost June and I’m sure if we’re going to have a garden in the back yard this year, I should have started on it already. It might not be too late to grow tomatoes, peppers and so forth. Here are some pictures of the area where we’ve grown in the past. If we do a garden, it will be all on me to get it started and maintain it through the summer. ... Read more

May 25, 2011


Welcome to my boring life. My profile, here.

May 25, 2011

Weekend Staph

The latter part of last week, this past weekend, and most of Monday, my wife was at Memorial being treated for cellulitis from an ulcer on her lower leg and a severely compromised immune system from several infusions of Orencia. We’re lucky to have acted quickly to get her through the perils of ER triage and the usual problems you might expect to run into when a complex patient meets a mix of health care. ... Read more

May 25, 2011


While working with a client today, we created a written procedure for updating cPanel, the server RPMs, and Apache. They’re using Centos and cPanel to keep everything up to date. I removed the images from the procedure and shared it on Google Docs

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