May 26, 2011

Get/Post Push

This evening I finished up a simple tool I wrote in Python to help with some of the more annoying, repetitive testing I have to do on some web applications.  Sometimes when I’ve bound a click with callback to a button, to submit form data, the response comes back mangled and not in proper JSON format.  This is fine, because I can read the response using Firebug or Chromium’s inspector.  Both will show me all the information I need.

However, if I’m in the command line programming I’d really like to be able to send the same data, over and over again, to the appropriate handler and see what the response is.  I’m almost certain there are better tools out there which already do what I need better, but I couldn’t immediately find them.  So I wrote: gpp.

I’ll keep working on it and eventually roll out a nice web interface with a comfortable jquery response and a timer so I can test away.




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