August 4, 2011

Keeping Schedule

Melissa has recovered from staph and cellulitis over the past two months, and the ulcer on her leg is almost completely healed. She has developed a small umbilical hernia, most certainly from laparoscopic surgery several years back, exasperated from being off her feet for two months. So she’s currently scheduled to have surgery next week and all the details involved with getting everyone on the same page is a constant exercise in the language of negotiation. Often I end up speaking with either an RN or an office manager and have to find a way to communicate clearly with them using coercion, empathy, professional liability, common sense and by asking for clarification to get them to take responsibility for what from their perspective is an office job in managing their own problems with scheduling by offloading a problem on to patients.  I may have the opportunity to work with a colleague at UTC on the front end for an interesting system. Parallel to that and other projects, I still have to finish my thesis.

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